Rear Lower Engine Mounting Bush

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This part replaces the larger bush in extruded bracket to suit 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0L petrol engines and also 1.5L diesel engines. For vehicles with a cast bracket use PFF60-524 or a rubberized bracket use either PFF60-820 or PFF60-920. PFF60-526 is designed to allow a controlled amount of engine movement through voids in the material. The kit includes polyurethane inserts that can be fitted to further reduce engine movement, perfect for track days or vehicles running increased power.


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Technische specificaties

Technische specificaties
Manufacturer Powerflex
Powerflex OEM Nummer 1 8200500928
Powerflex OEM Nummer 2 8200777542
Powerflex OEM Nummer 3 5Q0411303R / 5Q0 411 303 R
Vereist aantal stuks 1
Powerflex series Black
Powerflex Serie Black Serie
Diagram Referentie 20